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    New Girl

Welcome the exclusive premier of our new First Born Sons single, "New Girl."   You can preview the first 30 seconds here.  To download the entire song for free, simply sign up for our site (click the sign up button on the top right of this page) and then a "download" button will appear on this page and you get the entire song for free as our gift for joining our site.


Dana B.

Love it!

Shana R.

Matt and Gunnar are so talented and versatile with any genre they've recorded <3 They sound so great, country, hair metal or rock!

Dianne Smith

This song just makes me look forward to more. I like this style too.

Lorraine K.

Great song. I love the direction that you are going in. It suits your styles and your voices. I love rock but I do like this kind of "country" rock. Keep up the great work. Hugs.

Susan F.

Love it! When can we expect the whole cd?? I can't wait!! 

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